a sustainable eco-resort contea dei ciliegi with unique barefooting experience in italy’s marche region

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As they say – the greener, the better and every little helps – I’m trying to follow that rule also when it comes to travel and life in general. With the rise of sustainable travel initiatives and greener travel advice everyone can now enjoy their travels while getting a little greener and eco-friendlier – and it doesn’t have to mean backpacking across the continent and camping in the forest all throughout your holidays.

Contea dei Ciliegi in Pedaso

Eco-friendly and sustainable choices include different means of travel (such as taking a bus instead of renting a car if travelling alone), using natural and local ingredients if cooking, taking a reusable water bottle to the beach or choosing an eco-friendly place to stay – little choices that will start that transformation.

Contea dei Ciliegi

During my recent trip to the coastal Marche region in Italy I got to experience a very eco-friendly and sustainable small seaside villa resort (yet it has a 4-star rating) called Contea dei Ciliegi -located in a beautiful hilltop location over the town of Pedaso in southern part of Marche. The resort has breathtaking coastal views stretching left and right to the horizon and rolling hills filled cherry trees on the other side, solar panels providing all the energy it needs, including outside lights and heated pool and spa area.

Contea 3

The resort is small and very intimate with just a handful of apartments which are fresh in decor and nicely equipped, take pets and make even recycling easy with multiple sorting containers. Green, yet luxurious, but with an earthly feeling. Contea dei Ciliegi is such a beautiful and tranquil place where one can escape the busy everyday life, yet it’s close to civilisation as it’s perching atop the picturesque seaside town Pedaso!

Contea gardens

Besides swimming and enjoying the outdoor spa, hiking, gardening (they have a lovely herbal garden and of course those 2000 cherry trees and a number of other fruit trees – and you’re welcome to pick and eat the fruit if you like!), the maze of olive trees, meditation circle with those sea views – and they’ll also provide bicycles for guests (plus there’s a lovely playground for children!). And then there’s something more: Contea dei Ciliegi offers a rather unique experience which is growing in popularity: a barefooting trail.

Barefooting trail

Like the name suggests, barefooting is about walking with your bare feet on a foot path made of different textures to stimulate your feet and your senses, and the reward in the end is a refreshing plunge pool of cool river water. Reconnecting with the earth is an experience often forgotten by people, especially by those living in large cities with green space is scarce nowadays.

You can feel the little rounded river pebbles, softer bark, pearly dried peas and smooth wood under your feet – such a relaxing feel that bring back childhood memories of running barefoot all day long… and it’s healthy for your feet too!

Barefooting pool

When did you last try barefooting?

The views from the resort are just breathtaking along the coastline, including this romantic view down to Pedaso and its’ lighthouse.

Hilltop resort view to lighthouse in Pedaso

For biking there are plenty of rolling hills to explore, or simply just bike down the hill to Pedaso, where there is a lovely sandy beach for swimming, kayaking or diving, seaside promenade for strolling nice cafes and restaurants to enjoy and for those liking fishing there’s good area right next to the fishing port to try out!

Sea kayaking in Pedaso
‘Sea kayaking in popular in Pedaso’


Fishing in Pedaso at sunset
‘Fishing in Pedaso at sunset’

If you are not familiar with Marche region, take a look at our shared Pinterest board for inspiration on things to do and see and places to eat at:

Marche region pinboard

More of my IG photos from Marche and especially Pedaso can be found under hashtag #reetainmarche:

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