#igtravelthursday – a culinary journey to israel

Culinary journey Israel

When thinking of Israel you might not think of a culinary destination at first, but it definitely is that. This is the country where the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines meet, offering the best of both worlds prepared from fresh, local ingredients – which there are plenty.

I’d recommend being adventurous here and trying new things, especially as they are not so unusual bits and bobs like is some other countries – just very fresh and tasty ingredients blend together.

I loved especially the more Lebanese-style dishes we tried out in Northern parts of the Israel, closer to the Lebanese border as well as . But enough said, since the smells and flavours cannot yet be transmitted in this post it’s time to look at the lovely and tasty Middle Eastern offerings.

Fresh juice cart

The streets are filled with carts offering freshly pressed juices and other treats. This country is a fruit heaven – and a pretty cheap one too when buying from the street vendors (but restaurants can be rather pricey, especially the fashionable ones).Israeli food

I love the bazaar, or souk, or the outdoor market – whichever way you want to call it. The food smells look and looks great. The burst of colours is like fireworks in the sky – and so hard to resist.
Cocktails and nibbles at the hotel

End of the day moment to relax back at the hotel – cocktails and nibbles at the lounge bar. Sometimes its lovely to be able to have those uninterrupted moments (sans enfants, that is…)

Israel pastries

…and did I mention the pastries, and all those heavenly sweets filled with nuts and honey. turkish delights. Be sure to try as many as you can. Fresh is quite different from what you can buy from the stores…

Brownie heaven

Even the American-style desserts such as this brownie got a new tastier twist on them. I do love my sweet treats and desserts for sure. Breakfast at hotel

From the first breakfast in the hotel, faced with numerous choices of salads, hot and cold dishes, baked goods and fruits I knew this was going to be an enjoyable trip!


Fresh fruit anyone? Plenty on offer everywhere along with choices of fruit juices and smoothies on the go…

Pomegranate tabbouleh

The new signature dish in our household: pomegranate tabbouleh. The taste is so fresh and makes you feel like it’s summer again. And the added bonus is that it’s healthy too!

Local coffee and teas

Who needs Starbucks when you have fresh local choices. During the meals I loved the fresh min tea – a glass full of mint leaves. So good!

Did you like those food photos and now want to see more from Israel? Check my Instagram photos from this trip to Israel using the feed below. Enjoy!

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