old-fashioned and simpler christmas decor

Next year I am voting for a simpler Christmas, more home-made presents, ecological wrappings, customised cards. Stamped brown paper for presents, snowflakes in every window, paper chains, jolly bunting maybe, simple red and white instead of all the blingy silver and gold we’ve had the past years for other decoration (and this year too since the kids are in charge are everything goes!). I like the English Not on the High Street-store and it’s the source of my inspiration for this lovely look!

Personalised wall xmas treeI love this idea of a personalised Christmas tree decal

card stamp
Personalised stamps for cards and gift tags – or party invites

Snowflakes for every window

paper chains
Paper chain nostalgie

Old-fashioned bunting

handmade felt decor
Handmade felt decorations

recyclable paper
decorated brown paper figt wrappings and gift tags

customised gift sack
Personalised printed gft sacks

It was the night before-decal
Beautiful idea…

fillable christmas cones
Fillable Christmas cones

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