cute outdoor lighting for the winter season

I am warming up here with these cute outdoor lights scenes, for we are going to see some serious light extravaganza tonight – Miss A’s Chinese dance group Xiaopei is performing at the Global Winter Wonderland, which promises a brightly lit tour around the wonders of the world… Now taking photos at night is not that easy, so we’ll what I manage to capture. Nevertheless, we are very excited to see all these groups performing and what these lights are all about…

Twig balls

Cute rustic twig balls {via}

modern take on lights

More minimalist winter pumpkins

modern take on buxus

Another take on the Buxus balls

traditional string lights and icicles

Traditional string and icicle lights {via}

Magical calours

These trees play on an Aurora Borealis type of light scale {via}

Led display

Love the shape of these LED balls, but maybe the colour scheme could have been more consistent..? {via}

Cute hanging baskets


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