book time with postcard killers

As many of you might know from previous posts, I am nowadays a Kindle kind of girl – as it is a fabulous little things: small, sleek, the battery lasts forever, it comes with a light – and most importantly, it can be crammed full of all kinds of books. And did I mention that you can change your covers to match the other accessories…

So no more carrying around the holiday reads in paperback for me – well, except for this one. I think I picked it from some charity sale, but the reason why I picked the particular ones were the authors, as both James Patterson and Liza Marklund and crime writers whom I truly enjoy reading (pretty unusual pairing, don’t you think?).

Postcard killers isn’t a novelty item (2010 release), which means you can pick it up probably for a dollar or two, and this book is so worth the value of the book. The main story settles in Sweden (surprisingly!) – oh, how I would love this to be maid into a movie so that one could enjoy both the pretty scenery of Stockholm, but also travels around the Europe with the killers; a bit like the Euro-Hopper-summer some people might have enjoyed this year.

So the book itself is a god read – filled with some unexpected turns and Swedish tidbits – even the thrilling final moments are captured in the parking lot of the Swedish icon Ikea. Quite funny indeed. The plot is great and keeps the reader engaged and guessing almost to the end, just like any Patterson or Marklund book would. A great summer read indeed if one gets tired of the endless flow of light summer romance novels…

Postcard Killers book

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