book review: instagram as your guide to the world

Instagram as your Guide to the World – How, What and Who to Search and Follow on Instagram to Help You Travel the World is hot off the press in Amazon Kindle store, and I’ve had a sneak preview on this book. The writer, Katja Presnal, is an international lifestyle expert and editor-in-chief of Skimbaco Lifestyle (where I also write my Global Inspirations – Bring the World Home -series).

I am a rather new user to Instagram and found this book very helpful, as it gives concrete steps on apps to download, how to make searches, tag your photos so others can also find them, the list goes on. At the same time it also provides great recommendations of links of people and companies to follow, as well as tips on how to engage with people: both local and those who have visited your intended destinations, thus enabling to get the most out of your travels. T

his book isn’t just a technical manual though, but rather a combination of informative sources, practical tips and lifestyle advice on how to utilise one of the latest hot social applications. This Instagram Guide is useful for everyone and not only just for beginners, although it is also helpful for the latter group in a sense that it guides you to find the right apps and do the basic steps for the new user – all in a lovely casual and friendly manner.

Not convinced yet? Then head to Instagram and see yourself Katja’s account @Skimbaco  – so you can see how she engages with users and inspires people daily with her “Good Morning from Sweden “(or whatever place she is currently at) photo series and other Instagram journeys.

Instagram Travel Book K Presnal

 In summary: “This is a book I’m happy to recommend to my friends as an introduction to using Instagram for travel planning”.

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