a little bit green(er) on earth day

My kids school had a jumble sale yesterday to the tune of the Earth Day, where they aim to have a billion good acts to help the Mother Earth. Every little green acts helps, and we were recycling children’s clothing, toys, books and baby equipment. And what didn’t sell in the end will be collected by the Salvation Army for reuse elsewhere.

Miss A. was very excited as we made lemonade to be sold in the stand (luckily we had a citrus press as it was hard work after about the 40th lemon…). This was my very first home-made lemonade experience ever!

As little green is better than no green, we haven’t switched on the air-con in the house (minor suffering late afternoon) either and I am letting the laundry dry outside (easy with the 90+ temp). One of the goals of the green day is to plant a billion trees, so we’ll aim to plant some maybe this summer when in Europe or when we get to our new home destination in China next month…

Anyone else doing some green pledging this year?

Making lemonade

Making lemonade. First time for me. Nor have I seen before the lemon flowers…

Jumble sale time

Clothing section of the jumble sale. What a hot day it was (perfect for selling lemonade indeed)

JUmble sale

Little green act of recycling toys

beautiful tulips

The last of spring flowers. I love this soft purple shade!

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