12 days of – wine charms

I love that song of 12 days of Christmas, and in college I went to see the singing Christmas tree a couple of times – very impressive and fun idea! For no other clear connection to my story than the Christmas theme (and the number 12, or 12+ in terms of number of wine charms) I want to introduce my latest little treasures.

I found these cute little Christmas-themed bauble charms (for just $3 or so) for the dinner party we had the past weekend and I think they can be used for other things too, such as the glogg (better known as mulled wine) glasses for the same reasons as wine glasses, or for decor in a tiny tabletop cone tree I have on the dining table…

Note also that I made more of the Christmas pastry for the party, and this time one ever made it to a picture to proof that I actually know how to bake these things! It is great to have good friends – as we threw a traditional Finnish “Little Christmas” party called “pikkujoulu”.

I also got an early present from a friend (normally in a pikkujoulu party you do a little present exchange too – nothing expensive, rather something fun and silly). She has a friend, who makes beautiful jewellery and wine charms, and I got two sets of wine charms made out of natural gemstones. They are so, so pretty – and I am now thinking that having a lot of wine charms might be a hint that we should have a bigger party so we could use them all…

So, being a curious person I just had to check where my wine charms came from, and Anika’s Flare turned out to be a cute Etsy shop, which specializes in kids jewellery and other custom-made pieces. I found this Swarowski bracelet there for Miss A. and it only cost $8 – what a great bargain I think!

Xmas wine charms

My bargain bauble wine charms and a Finnish joulutorttu – a Christmas pastry filled with plum jam Bauble wine charms Pretty wine charms

My new wine charms made out of natural gemstones Girl's Swarowski bracelet

A cute girl’s Swarowski bracelet from Amika’s Flare at Etsy – just $8

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